Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System


Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System

Prepared for the Federal Highway Administration, Office of Safety
(FHWA COTR: Tamara Redmon)

By the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center,
Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. and Toole Design Group


Primary Authors:
Charles V. Zegeer, Dan Nabors, Peter Lagerwey

Contributing authors:
Carl Sundstrom, Daniel Lovas, Thomas Huber, RJ Eldridge, Max Bushell


August 2013


PEDSAFE 2013 is an update and expansion of the September, 2004 edition of PEDSAFE, which was authored by David L. Harkey and Charles V. Zegeer, and published as report number FHWA-SA-04-003.

Other contributors to PEDSAFE 2013 included Jill Mead, Ann McGrane, and Bryan Poole, who assisted with writing, coordination and development of the 85 PEDSAFE case studies. Jill Mead and Charlie Zegeer were the authors of the Pedestrian Safety Literature review, which is linked to the various countermeasures in PEDSAFE 2013. Bryan Poole, Max Bushell, and Charlie Zegeer authored the resource on countermeasure costs for pedestrian-related infrastructure, which is also included in PEDSAFE 2013.

Joshu Shih assisted in the development of the PEDSAFE expert system tool. Patty Harrison and Elissa Goughnour provided technical editing of the PEDSAFE guide and case studies. Jonathon Weisenfeld and Graham Russell were responsible for the web design and Richard Lytle was the programmer for the online guide and expert system tool.

Gabe Rousseau and Christopher Douwes of FHWA and Brian Gilleran of the Federal Railroad Administration, and Hugh McGee of VHB provided technical comments and input to various sections of PEDSAFE 2013.

We also greatly appreciate the PEDSAFE Working Group which gave valuable comments and suggestions on the PEDSAFE content and expert system tool.

Members of this working group included:

Paula Reeves
Washington DOT

Dirk Gowin
City of Louisville, KY

Frank Markowitz
City of San Francisco, CA

Brian Alconsel
California DOT

Cara Seiderman
City of Cambridge, MA

Sheree Davis
New Jersey DOT

Larry Corsi
Wisconsin DOT

Richard Nassi
Pima County, AZ

Maggie O'Mara
California DOT

Charles Carmalt
City of Philadelphia, PA