Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System


Case Study No. 90

Interstate Interchange Pedestrian Access

Englewood, Ohio

Prepared by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center.

The wide road and few facilities make for an unappealing pedestrian environment. Image source: City of Englewood


The interstate interchange area was an automobile-dominated landscape surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and other similar amenities that provided little or no pedestrian accommodations.


The heavily traveled retail area contained over 500 hotel rooms and was experiencing demand for safe and comfortable pedestrian facilities.


The City of Englewood, Ohio, in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) initiated a pedestrian enhancement project to not only improve pedestrian safety but also to create a gateway into their community. The project team planned to construct new walkways under the overpass and to provide safer access to the regional bus system stops. Truncated domes were installed at twelve different sidewalk corners and bus stops to increase safety for those with visual impairment. Wrought iron fencing was installed to separate the road from the walkways. Two new bus shelters were added and new bus turnouts were included as an added layer of safety.

The landscaping around the pedestrian facilities also creates a gateway for the community. Image source: City of Englewood

The several thousand square ft of sidewalk constructed were also surrounded by decorative brick pavers. Further amenities installed aimed to use natural elements to lessen the visual impact of urbanization. These measures included antique lighting, landscaping with planned wild-flower patches, new painting under the overpass, and decorative fencing along both faces of the overpass.

The project took just over a year to complete, lasting from the signing of the contract in April 2002 to the completion of construction in June 2003. The City of Englewood received a grant in the amount of $265,000 from the Ohio Department of Transportation, and another for $33,000 from the Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority. The total budget was $875,500.


The project took a previously automobile-dominated interstate interchange and made it into a safer, welcoming entrance to the city for all modes of transportation. Comments from the community were overwhelmingly positive, and the popularity convinced the city to continue the project northward at the next major intersection.


Eric A. Smith
City Manager
333 West National Road
Englewood, Ohio 45322-1495
(937) 836-5106