Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System


An archway that serves as a gateway to a business district. Source: Flickr - LA Wad (2009)

Source: - Dan Burden (2006) A gateway into a residential area.
Source: - Dan Burden (2006)





A gateway is a physical or geometric landmark that indicates a change in environment from a higher speed arterial or collector road to a lower speed residential or commercial district. They often place a higher emphasis on aesthetics and are frequently used to identify neighborhood and commercial areas within a larger urban setting. Gateways may be a combination of street narrowing, medians, signing, archways, roundabouts, or other identifiable feature. Gateways should send a clear message to motorists that they have reached a specific place and must reduce speeds. This can help achieve the goal of meeting expectations and preparing motorists for a different driving environment. Gateways are only an introduction and slower speeds are not likely to be maintained unless the entire area has been redesigned or other traffic-calming features are used.


Gateways are landmarks used to create an expectation for motorists to drive more slowly and watch for pedestrians when entering a commercial, business, or residential district from a higher speed roadway. They can also create a unique image for an area.


• Traffic-slowing effects will depend upon the device chosen and the overall traffic-calming plan for the area.

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Gateway Sign

The cost of gateway structures can range greatly depending on the specific type of items chosen. The costs below combine a variety of gateway structure treatments, such as: monument signs (approximately $19,000), street spanning arches supported by metal posts within bulbouts (approximately $64,000), and gateway columns ($10,000).

Case Studies

Cambridge, MA
Berkeley, CA
Bethesda, Montgomery County, MD
Naples, FL
Englewood, Ohio
Hendersonville, North Carolina
New York City, New York