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Banners can enhance the identity of a neighborhood. Source: Flickr - M. Jeremy Goldman (2008)

Source: - Laura Sandt (2010) Signs can also enhance the identity of a neighborhood.
Source: - Laura Sandt (2010)




Neighborhood Identity

Many neighborhoods or business districts want to be recognized for their unique character. This can enhance the walking environment and sense of community.

Treatments used to enhance the identity of a neighborhood include: gateways, traffic calming, welcome signs, flower planters, banners, decorative street lighting, and unique street name signs. Neighborhood identity treatments rarely provide any direct traffic improvements, but they help develop interest in enhancing the community and help create attractive and comfortable walking environments. Creating a sense of place can help solicit investment in a neighborhood and may lead to the provision of better walking amenities.


Neighborhoods can establish their identities and foster a stronger sense of community among residents by using a combination of tools, such as gateways and signage. In doing so, residents can enhance the visibility of a neighborhood or district and support community efforts to define their neighborhood.


• Supports community efforts, but has no direct traffic benefits.
• A description of the benefits and typical process for installing a welcome sign, as well as other ideas to beautify a neighborhood, can be found at “Street Beautification and Neighborhood Image- City of Madison, Building,”

Estimated Cost

The cost of adding signage can be as low as $125 for a traditional sign and post. Custom and more elaborate signs will be more expensive, approximately $18,000 for a monument sign and $20,000 for a banner sign with columns. A street-spanning arch supported by metal posts within bulbouts can cost $60,000 or more.

Case Studies

Berkeley, CA
Eureka, CA
Tempe, AZ
New York City, New York