Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System

Resources and Guidelines

Field Investigation Form

The selection tool within PEDSAFE requires a number of inputs describing the geometrics and operations of the location in question. The system uses these inputs to refine the selection of applicable countermeasures. Included on this page is a form that may be used in the field to acquire these data elements.

Downloadable version: Field Investigation Form (PDF, 161kb)


— Field Investigation Form —
Location: ____________________________________________________________________
Completed by: ______________________________________     Date: _______________
Area Type:
_____  Urban CBD
_____  Urban Other
_____  Suburban
_____  Rural
Traffic Volumes (Avg Daily Traffic):
_____  < 10,000
_____  10,000 to 25,000
_____  > 25,000
Motor Vehicle Speed*:
_____  <= 45 mph
_____  > 45 mph
Roadway Functional Class:
_____  Local
_____  Collector
_____  Minor Arterial
_____  Major Arterial
Number of Through Lanes:
_____  <= 2 lanes
_____  3 - 4 lanes
_____  >= 5 lanes
_____  Intersection
_____  Mid-Block
_____  Traffic signal present (removal is NOT an option
_____  Traffic signal present (removal is an option)
_____  No signal present (installation is NOT an option)
_____  No signal present (installation is an option)
* Use 85th percentile speed if available. If not available, add 9 mi/h to the
posted speed limit as a surrogate measure for the 85th percentile speed. Prior
research has shown that 85th percentile speeds for vehicle traveling on many
urban and suburban streets (including arterial, collector, and local
classifications) generally exceed the posted limit by 6 to 14 mi/h. (D.L.
Harkey, H.D. Robertson, and S.E. Davis, "Assessment of Current Speed Zoning
Criteria," Transportation Research Record 1281, Transportation Research Board,
Washington, DC 1990.)